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Straight Grooming Scissors

As a professional manufacturer of pet grooming shears and pet scissors, we can supply you all kinds of quality level pet scissors like Straight Grooming Scissors,Thinning Grooming Scissors, Curved Grooming Scissors which can meet your requirement from all aspect, The largest size can reach 10 inch.

Here is presenting you some photo of pet scissors we are producing, You can choose what do you need for dog cutting scissors.

We support customer tailored type offset handle of pet scissors upon your requirement

Light weight 7 and 7.5inch Pet Scissors

7 and 7.5 inch Pet Straight Scissors

Pet Bet-SGS4CR701

Pet Bet-SGS4CR701

Straight Grooming Scissors

Pet Bet-SGS9CR701

Pet Air shear

Pet Bet-SGS9CR701

BT-BLUT67-440C Pet Straight Scissors

BT-BLUT67-440C Pet Straight Scissors

7 7.5 8inch pet scissors leaf blade

7 ,7.5 ,8inch pet scissors leaf blade


BDL1-7: 7 inch Slicing Scissors


F2A1-850: 8.5 inch scissors


F2F5: 7.5inch Left hand scissors

F9-7.5:7.5 inch scissors


SM1-7.0:7.0 inch  scissors

Sz 7-7.7-8

Sz: 7/7.7/8 scissors


XPX1-7.0 scissors

F2S 6.5inch pet shears with round tip

F2S 6.5 inch pet grooming shears with round tip

Q: What kinds of Handle do you produce?

A: We can produce Offset handle, Opposing handle and Crane handle.

Q: What kinds of coating you provided for pet scissors?

A: Normally it is titanium alloy  or Teflon

Q: What size can you provide for each type of pet shears?

A: We have some stock for standard size of each module, if you ask bulk order, we can produce upon to 10 inch pet shears

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