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We produce a full line of scissors

Welcome to BOPAC Scissors  Workshop

Production process of becaretools Scissors

This is our classic barber scissors and pet scissors which includes Hair Cutting Scissors, Hair Thinning Scissors, Straight Grooming Scissors, Thinning Grooming Scissors, Curved Grooming Scissors, Grooming Scissors Sets, It can be made by 4Cr,6Cr,9Cr or 440c material, All kinds of coating are avaialbe upon your requirement!!

Scissor Constructure
Options for Screws

Voice Of Our Customers

Hello Chen,

The package arrived, The product looks very good,Congratulations for the quality, It is very nice of you,because value with 150 to specify

Christian, Germany

Hi Chen

Thanks for the note. We have had a chance to look over the scissors,  This scissors is well made, the sizing reflects the true sizing and there is no issue in terms of price and quality. I will order more in near days

NICOLAE , Canada

Yesterday afternoon two packages came in, I checked everything with little time I had and everthing looks good, Quality is excellent. I’ll be in touch on Monday with some other needs.

Walter, USA

I received your package, Many,many,many thanks! I’m really surprised for the quality of the products, I especially like the barber scissors,  I also have never seen the comfitable of finger ring with your style,I think this will work very well.

Mark, Holand

Excellent quality scissors- I was searching for only thinning shears when I came across this kit. I needed them for my two small dogs. These were as easy to use as my groomers $250 thinning shears! And worked exactly the same, sharp and smooth. The plain shears , case were a very nice bonus.

Filip, Croatia
Workshop from becaretools
workshop of becaretools 2

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